The New Voice of R&B We’ve All Been Waiting For

A little less than two years ago, a hopeful young R&B artist released her debut EP, Vacant, a unique, upbeat collection of songs produced by students at Humber College. Now, the 20-year old, Nigerian-born, Pickering-raised Amaka Queenette shows her soulful side in her new visual EP, Fleeting, Inconsequential.

Fleeting, Inconsequential is a stand-alone gem in its complexity and creativity; it’s unlike anything other R&B artists are doing. Queenette reminds me of Daniel Caesar, the Oshawa-native who has taken the world by storm. Her music draws from contemporary R&B elements while creating a whole new world inside of each song.

Suffocate”, the first song on the visual EP is lush and silky, yet tethers on the feeling of uneasiness. The production cleverly uses space as a way to draw the listener in deeper and deeper into Queenette’s beautiful world. Most of the time, visual EPs are simply complimentary to the music but in Fleeting, Inconsequential, the visuals actually complete the experience of the music. The powerful dances expressed in the visuals collide with Queenette’s smooth vocals to create tension as she cries out to her lover, “But I still want you/even though you don’t want to.” She completes the work with a series of voices recounting what it was like to be in love. Quite fitting.

In contrast, “Ceilings” is more delicate, passionate as she sings “It’s a fine night to feel infinite/But we’re infinitely finite”, perhaps one of the most beautiful lyrics ever sung. Listening to this song feels like you’re floating in a dream, with Queenette’s voice guiding you through it. The brave choice of using acoustic guitar was an excellent creative choice because it gives the song realness.

Fleeting, Inconsequential is beyond music; it is a piece of art. Not only does Queenette showcase her abilities as a singer, but also as a writer with a huge imagination and clear direction. This EP is a must-listen because it is transformational. We’re excited to see what Queenette will create in the future.

Listen to Fleeting, Inconsequential now on all streaming platforms: