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  • NeuroTechX Content Lab

    NeuroTechX Content Lab

    NeuroTechX is a non-profit whose mission is to build a strong global neurotechnology community by providing key resources and learning opportunities.

  • Noa Lubin

    Noa Lubin

    AI researcher, data scientist and social entrepreneur. I hope this blog helps you navigate your way into the incredible world of AI.

  • Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    AI Consultant — Working on Brain-computer interface and new AI business models — Support my writing: https://alexandregonfalonieri.medium.com/membership

  • Viktor Marchev

    Viktor Marchev

    I read my own stories out loud. Interested in everything related to psychedelics, mental health, and spirituality. Writer for ILLUMINATION.

  • Steven Gambardella

    Steven Gambardella

    The lessons of philosophy and history, their practical benefits for your life and work. Feel free to get in touch: stevengambardella@gmail.com

  • Jeremie Harris

    Jeremie Harris

    Co-founder of Mercurius AI Safety, host of the Towards Data Science podcast. ⚛︎ Physics | 🤖 Machine learning | 🤔 Philosophy | 🚀 Startups.

  • Christopher P Jones

    Christopher P Jones

    Art writer, critic, novelist, artist. See my links at https://linktr.ee/cpjones

  • Justin Bolognino

    Justin Bolognino

    Founder + CEO of META® / Synchronicity Architect / Consciousness Farmer @ Silent G Farms / Jazz Student / Dad x 3

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