• Aditi Madhok

    Aditi Madhok

    1/15th of the LAHS New Media Literacy Crew (#lit🎉)

  • I Am Ammar

    I Am Ammar

    McGill ‘23, aspiring writer, shitty musician with a lot of opinions.

  • Alec Ellin

    Alec Ellin

    Co-founder at Laylo. Winner of MIDEM 2018. Graduate of Newhouse School of Communications. I write about music, tech and culture.

  • De Walrus

    De Walrus

  • Isaac Jackson

    Isaac Jackson

    I am a community organizer living in San Francisco who has been working with drug users and the homeless for the last 11 years. I’m also a published writer.

  • Ffeekhoo


  • Scot Byrd

    Scot Byrd

  • Jaime Yamanaka

    Jaime Yamanaka

    A collection of scattered thoughts poorly written by a 20-something year old human. Living in Tokyo, Japan.

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