Celebrating Pride Month Music in the Midst of a Pandemic

Like many of you, I have been stuck at home for so long that I don’t even remember what day it is anymore. One day, I opened my window and saw that the June sunshine had arrived which reminded me that it was Pride Month. This celebration of the LGBTQ+ community is usually greeted by the annual Pride Parade and countless other live music festivals and concerts around the city but this year, everything is different. There is no live music and no parade. Yet, Pride Month still must endure. In the midst of this global pandemic and the tragedies that have occurred in our world, Pride Month can at least bring us a bit of joy.

This month, we at Tea n’ Tunes have created a playlist for you all in celebration of Pride Month. The playlist features so familiar artists who have spoken up as strong advocates for LGBTQ+ rights as well as some unfamiliar artists who are also sharing their stories in their own personal ways. So sit back and enjoy!

1. Bitter (with Kito) — FLETCHER

FLETCHER’s newest breakup song talks about feeling bitter about an ex and trying to move on but still having feelings. The single was created by an amazing team of women who wrote, produced and engineered the entire song. With women previously only making up about 2% of the music production and engineering industry, this single is a sign that things are changing for women and the LGBTQ+ community in music.

2. this is what a broken heart feels like — Marina Lin

Marina Lin is a Toronto-based, YouTube-sensation turned artist who just released her debut album, a work in progress. Lin’s songwriting is both beautiful and thoughtful, often delving into topics such as dealing with mental illness, being lesbian and breakups. Each song on her album highlights a different feeling such as rejection, depression, insecurities and being cheated on.

3. Make Me Feel — Janelle Monáe

This Prince-inspired tune is a crackle of energy and sexiness from Janelle Monáe. The song is all about loving someone for the way they make you feel and has often been deemed the “bisexual anthem”. Although it’s a reference to a throwback hit, “Make Me Feel” is very much in line with pop right now.

4. Zongzi — Sulu

Electronic artist, Sulu, is transcending the boundaries of music and tapping into the atmospheric world of sound. In his self-produced single, “Zongzi”, he uses recordings from his Mandarin class interlaced with swelling synths and a driving dance beat. Sulu’s colourfulness and playfulness in his music-making makes him a producer to watch in the future.

5. Just Fine — Maggie Bishop

At only eighteen years old, Maggie Bishop is has already written and produced her own album, Empty Spaces. “Just Fine”, one of the songs on her album, is a light-hearted and fun tune for your summer jams. “But it’s summertime and the air’s still sweet/My head’s not clear as it used to be but I/I’ve been doing just fine if you ask me”, she sings.

Listen to the entire Tea n’ Tunes Pride Month Playlist here:

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