ÊMIA Opens Up About Getting Ghosted By Her Lover in New Single, “Behind the Scenes”

Many songwriters will often tell you that the inspiration behind a certain song is to send a message to someone that will no longer listen to them. The key is writing down what they wanted to say and crystallizing it into a beautiful piece of art that forces them to listen. For Brooklyn-based, Vietnamese-American artist, ÊMIA, her inspiration came after being ghosted by a former love interest.

In her new single, “Behind the Scenes”, she sings about feeling used and hurt by someone she thought she had a connection with. The opening line, “I get a little panic attack/thinking about how I should act/on the day I run into you again” is a feeling that many people who have been in love can relate to. “Behind the Scenes” is direct, poignant and pouring with emotion. ÊMIA’s vocals carry the listener through the song as she retells the story of her experience.

When asked about her musical inspirations behind the song, she talks about the mid-2000s singer-songwriter ballads she grew up listening to and reflects on how her song “was a nod to old school Taylor Swift, Michelle Branch, and Avril Lavigne in its personal narrative style.” One thing I love about “Behind the Scenes” is the way the production really highlights the beautifully-written lyrics using vocoders and large echo chambers, which reminds me a lot of Chelsea Cutler’s musical style.

ÊMIA’s debut album, ZERO, is set to release in Fall 2020. You can listen to “Behind the Scenes” by ÊMIA now on all streaming platforms.

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